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(3j No fluid in the pleural cavity in eight cases, there
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The cases of diphtheria studied were twenty -four in number.^
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me, and I trust that you may not be disappointed in my
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These forms of the disease, supposed to be an after-effect usually
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armies with one or other form of the new small-bore
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he has never seen a caustic effect from the application.
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dages from the uterus ; but it is a surgical procedure by which we aim
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Dr. Schede exhibited, Nov. 20, 1888, to the members of Aerztlicher Verein
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wound was packed with iodoform gauze and iodoform cotton-wool. As a
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tion in the muscle cells. The middle coat often has almost disappeared
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who perish annually of diphtheria are to go unrelieved,
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second time into the hospital was an every-day case of typhoid fever, and
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remnants of this gelatinous tissue of embryonal life. '* Since observations
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1892 respectively. There are thus seasons in ivhich the
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apply such immediate treatment as, until the arrival of
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inch or two in diameter, form on the hands and feet,
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tion revealed some depression and diminished expansion of the upper part of
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soluble plant food is tolerably constant the relation between
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lens. Other methods with the same object are occasion-
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ject, and owing to there being no organised body of
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[Since the above was written we have heard of one immediate and one
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purgative. He had never seen a case where the fever had
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thousand baths which have been administered to fever patients in France
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formed within the alimentary canal are rapidly absorbed
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pare, either as a heart drug or as a diuretic, with digitalis. On the other hand,
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charts may have different causes, while others which
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dysenteric form, which arises in connection with a true
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Before giving any dose it was necessary to study carefully the cardiograms
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composed the bulk of the tumour. Although clesirly defined and

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