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ftTiT^-ii V ^ infect individuals who drink the milk fs qreativ enhanced

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Diggs, Plzak, Fehr, Nittis, Zieman, Gilchrist, Dorsey, Rosi.

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By a resolution of the Council of the College of Surgeons, all students entering

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exfl«naiintii mtfmn %n wetf sHsion oMcetlvn. Alt of etitio iMvt ^tttHt^rMTsNcf ill fits

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Fig. 176. — Neurotic muscular atrophy. The disease came

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•written, practical, and viva voce, and is conducted as f ollovrs : 1.

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the oversight less obvious, even if the risks be thereby increased. Melancholic

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ported. A quantitative deficiency is reported as "incomplete" with indication of the

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decimal fractions, simple and compound proportion, simple and com-

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vertigo, headache, vomiting, and sometimes epileptiform convulsions.

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90 Feni 1237 • Import of Inspect ton of $Hen l99t

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ralysis of the diaphragm as long as the patient is perfectly quiet ; but in some

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" magnetizers " could put their " mediums " into the " magnetic sleep " or

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winter session — Anatomy and Dissections (two winters and one

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The License or Membership having been taken, the continental

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thff Hsndllnf? of Milk and Milk Prnducta In Bulk Milk Dls^aing Oi»«ratl{mc

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The aura lasts sometimes only a few seconds. It may persist long enough

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University of Dublin, nor is it necessary in itself for keeping terms.

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and rectum remain normal. In many cases the disease terminates fatally.

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hands continually. In some cases the twitching ceases entirely when the

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picked u^'L„T!:*S'the''l'"1„" "™ °' " --^^ ""ty ^nd

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mentary physiology during the same period. If he is not a candidate

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stadies at recognised Foreign or Colonial TJniTersities, upon the production of

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£3 3s.; Hospital Practice, £6 6s. Third winter — ^Medicine, £2 2s.;

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Concept of the Disease and ^Etiology. — The name of neurasthenia is given

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AC origin, check tlo.t. ohly the type, specid^, and gra'de, but a1so\he ;

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McKenzie, Rodney Jones, s, a, w, Cincinnati, Ohio. A.B. (U. of Cinncinati) '33.

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understanding of the morbid symptoms. There is something seductive in

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•od esrc of privot* «imI gov«rnmeiit-oim«d «sil«olB.

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the deeper structures (muscles, etc.). Occasionally, even, these nerves are

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nounced. (6) Finally, we must mention, as frequent concomitant symptoms,

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