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Another account of the origin of poisons is mentioned

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made by the deposit of rubbish, the irrigation should be

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as a vice in any sense of the term, but only as a habit,

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types is not nearly either precise or trustworthy enough

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spread in families and houses, and several persons died.

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or less affected. In one case only, the trunk was free

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years on half pay or on full pay in India, but he was

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methylene-blue solutions. They are immobile, and do not grow at the

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25th, 1885, to April 26th, 1886, thirty-three cases of

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notes, regarding a disease which is very common in this

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arrangements prescribe, apart from the gleaning of the

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and it is quite as inappropriate to attempt to apply either of these

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neglected there may be some difficulty experienced.

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same series of questions about which discussion has centred for many

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<jases has there been the slightest derangement of appetite or digestion, nor

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word which si^jnifies simply inflammation of the integument, and not that

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to the municipalities in his district, but has invested him

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6. Family history. Any relative either in the pater-

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of the nervous system opened the way to recovery. Nature

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The ulcerations which the patient described as having occurred on the

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lanaemic pigment are contained in cells, apparently of

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overlying tissues by chloride of zinc paste. In one an abscess cavity was

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those which have been cleared, is a number of tufts of

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nary character and extent existed. However, on open-

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greatly extended index of diseases and remedies, have considerably

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remittent, the range being from about 99° F. to 102° F.

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should get up and say he inferred the presence of an orga-

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