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animals in order to clear advances of money which they

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below the ribs. There was slight ascites and swelling

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The foetus is, as a rule, not particularly effected,

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be possible to deduce a sound opinion as regards the

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are not much affected. Appetite is usually excellent,

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from the edges of the cut muscles. In this way sep-

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traffic in this part of the province, viz., about 200,000

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the introduction of such a measure, by establishing

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where there is no compression, the early use of the

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same time much less destructive effect. With regard to

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I will confine myself to facts which, if thoroughly

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siderable descent from the highest point reached, and

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They maintain that at the same time the mobility of the eyelid was pre-

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known as " pangis. " These are shai-p bamboo points

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debility he gradually recovered, being discharged from

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Operative Treatment of Abscess of the Brain, consecutive to

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was recorded by Surgeon-Captain J. R. Roberts in 1890,

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On the ninth day the bride is taken back to her father's

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fully aware of its highly contagious nature, and, when a

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during the acute period, but are generally harmless in the later stages,

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" through ignorance, of improper substances into food-

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statements dealing with this subject is a question open

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Lumsden, J. S., Surgn.-Capt., i.m.s., m.b,, cm. Bannu.

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taking a minute drop of blood from its ear was of this

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from 12 to 20 cubic inches per pint of carbon dioxide

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had reached zero about six months ago — for it has

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to do more than isolate the similar species which developed in the differ-

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fasting for a day, after which it was given half a gram

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so-called tapering-down process. Tonics, good food, exercise, mental and

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for a fortnight. The first tubercle developed on the

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it, and frankly confess that they have been disappointed in it ; and have

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necessary and normal NaCl. One result of this is that

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vaccination was not compiilsoiy all over India. It is compnl-

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