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tongue coated, the line along the gums well marked. The bowels

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or Miscellany Poems, 1693, third part. A little quarto,

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the chin was directed towards the middle line. Slight paralysis of

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gan with your course of medicines, I experienced a benefit ; my digestive organs

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is a fragment of a work dealing mostly with medicine,

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Almost always localised in the mucous membrane lining the prepuce

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Charlton, the newly installed annual head of the Association, has

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an open sinus about three eighths of an inch in front of the base of

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his sermon was an out-and-out indorsation of the street-cry of the day

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periments seem to have established that various microbes can traverse

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large nuclei provided with clearly marked nucleoli ; at certain points

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day, Thursday, and Friday, in reduced and reducing quantities, the

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seldom leave the hills ; under other circumstances they are kept in

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stripe. Auscultation and percussion of the thorax revealed nothing ab-

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nodules. The lungs contained innumerable large tubercles, particularly in the posterior

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The mode in which alcohol acts has long been discussed, but whether

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brought in by Sir John Young in 1S54, to effect the object of putting

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of the semilunar valves being of slower development, or progressing

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case of hypertrophy of the heart, with complete ossification of the

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had been found in the feet, and treated by thinning the horn. Lame-

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where. Some of the worst of the varieties of rupia, attended by deep

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During the following days some sutures yielded, and the wound

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right leg. The eruption was at first very trifling, but exceedingly troublesome;

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sanitary grounds. I propose, then, first to consider the last two lines

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edition— the fourth edition of 1906 being exhausted.

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