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1898 he secured an appointment to the staff of the New York Ma-

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desired. In its present form, it is most instructive and pleasant

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though the book is one of Lea's " Manuals for Students of Med-

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Academy of Science, the Century Association, New York Athletic,

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students of mental and nervous diseases ; but the fact that they

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pital as interne, Dr. Gjffe became at once connected with

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slimy ; and, at times, slight traces of blood were detected in it ;

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rounding the glans. The following night the child had convul-

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Playfair's System of Midwifery. Fourth American from the fifth English

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Hon. James and Abigail (Chase) Peaslee. He entered Dartmouth

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noted in the always admirable character of their work.

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tion, which is becoming greater every day, occasions a strain

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eases, and feeling that the rare advantages that Block Island

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self ; " that is, if he had been more rational and less selfish.

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for Ingrowing Toenails ' ' ; ' ' Bacterial Vaccine in Surgery ' ' ; " A Con-


him to the gratitude, the warmest esteem and the kindest and most

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resulted a backache in the sacral region, and occipito-frontal

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Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. In the

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order to avert such relapses ; but of late we have rather abandoned this method,

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John's Hospital, Yonkers, taking also post-graduate courses in

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cafergot n zpfchen preis

period of research in European medical centres, he entered private

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now in existence throughout the world, and as head of the Good

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long confinement, but turns herself in bed with a good deal of

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twenty years, and Professor of Clinical Medicine of that institution,

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atropine to morphia, chloral to strychnia, alcohol to serpent ven-

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ful as useless : it remains, until thrown off, a mere burden, the

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ropean medical centers, including London, Paris and Vienna, until

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as Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in Dartmouth College, con-

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produced no effect. We should, nevertheless, be inclined to employ it, first

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As one advances in years and experience, it is impossible but

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Dr. Hubbell was a descendant of Richard Hubbell, who is first of

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His thesis, curtly stated, is, that when a male child is desired,

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is partly consolidated — we put him almost exclusively on

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the trituration ; thus making it easy to give one-eighth and one-

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tis. She was bled, leeched, blistered, and got the tartar emetic

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fragments having been carried into the wound, owing also

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IRGIL PENDLETON GIBNEY, A.M., LL.D., M.D., eminent spe-

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fessor Katzenbach in 1899, at the New York Polyclinic. He became

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here. In addition to being president of the Lung Island

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Schema: Diphtheria. — " History in New England," by B.

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and it is perhaps as an expert that Dr. Pritchard is best known to

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believe, and to which the patient himself objects. This seems

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and chief in the maternities of Berlin and Leipzig, each single

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