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efforts commensurate with the great work of life-saving
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had an opportunity of definitely testing the truth or
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spoken to Dr. Bomford on the subject, and he informs
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the post-nasal space cleared of all its glandular tissue and not a little of
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to me to be certain that the well water does not become
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a muscle, and produce a kind of systemic poisoning*
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Jendrassik [Deutsch. Arch. f. klin.'Med., 1888, B. 43, 543) discusses at
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public health. I have already shown good reason for
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Under heading 16, " simple continued fever " should
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the result that, as far as soft parts are concerned, the
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patches. In both of these cases quinine was energetically
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has collected 38 cases, only 2 of which are reported by American
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meable, it can be utilized for the formation of sewage
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The hay from the Madras farms is mostly sold to the
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most costly schemes and placed in the best conditions
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After a few days' use of the water, the quantity of
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treatment ; but in this case several hemorrhages took place before treat-
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terest to India, where the anti-vivisectionists wish to
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Part second, upon the etiology and prevention of diseases incidental
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of extreme muscular development whose rigid fibres do
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applying pure carbolic acid daily for four days. At
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mination of viscera, vomited matters, stomach washings,
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and especially cruelty to animals, is constantly growing,
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livers, is on exactly the same lines as those followed
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under the excellent management oi the present Sanitary
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Sanitation cannot advance from theory to application without
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being evidently staggered by the weight of Spiegelberg's authority.
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A stimulating, nutrient enema of beef-tea and brandy was
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contrast to the conditions existing half a century ago.
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Hombur<r, Wiesbaden, Krenznach, Woodhall, &c.
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jaundice is apt to be present. The urine is dark, strongly ammoniacal, and

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