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" In the Case d the pelvis is small and, at the same time, flat (generally

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Bakhsh's wife and sister living in the same house '

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atavistic phenomena from counterfeit manifestations; this is not always

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Canada balsam, show the following under a low power (Bausch & Lomb,

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very bit of soft material on which we naturally stand,

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rather stupid appearance ; face looks waxy and swollen, the skin is

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in which the brain does not share, and an insuperable

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that she was unable to do so. When examined by the writer, she presented

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that it will also respond to lactic acid, even in a dilution of 0.38 per cent.,

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them, and the cause of death is assigned to heart disease or apoplexy.

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pain, the uterus contracts, and the hemorrhage ceases. This simple procedure

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new and large distributary, called the Sirsa Branch, has

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Mymensing district is the forest tract called by the Europeans

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of the treatment of this disease, riz., that of dietary. A

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front of the knife and cannot be moved out of the way,

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over cocaine in avoiding numbness and dryness of the parts and over-stimula-

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about the size of an 8-anna piece, over the left malar

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which is automatic, and at which the patient himself or herself often

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is still, sold to everybody who applies for it ; and this

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The question is whether syphilis is likely to exert

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Cultures of these and experiments on animals with them convinced him that

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sis of some of the larnygeal muscles had been suspected. Examination

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portion by the action of granulation. Contemporaneous with this is the

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Cases favorable for home treatment may be catalogued as follows :

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bite ; symptoms marked, foaming at mouth, dilated pupils.

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therefore most active, and, it is presumed, deleterious to

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in a few instances the muscles have been found absent, in others they

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supplied to the village chowkidars, and these registers

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combination of one of the bromides, preferably that of potash, with

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Post mortem examination shewed no opium in the stomach and

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limbs. The diagnosis of the disease, which had previously

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Reference has been made in several English reports on thoracic aneu-

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