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to the field hospital, and so facilitated the classification

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the 31st March last? — are teetotalers, there is all the

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uttered a low groan, she appeared to her friends to

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intestines. Thomas found a placenta attached to the colon from caput

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and that was always checked by the further adminis-

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instruments and appliances of two sections had been

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things in India at the present day. It can easily be

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Thinking there might possibly be some mistake, I gave

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August 18J^3. This was unusually difficult, owing to

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First, it has a cross, or scissor action, since that is the one to which most

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ened to arise after injury of the head. Pott's only

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Case VII. — Mr. P., Controller of Revenue Accounts at Pondi-

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cannabis Indica, which I recommended in 1868, and have used continu-

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and supraciliary wounds healed by first intention, and the tem-

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firm the view that in its therapeutic value it ranks as a weak or diluted mor-

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two-inch attachment of integument, holding the tarsal

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loaders. In the former we find that the losses were

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Carleton (~^aba(hii) said typhus fever was very prevalent

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mirror, and in the public institutions afforded a remarkable proof of the

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centre of circulation have necessarily a minimum share

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late the author's students in Birmingham to careful study in this direc-

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Calcutta patients, provided suitable warm clothing was

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which was irrigated daily. A well within a few yards

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Here, it appears that with increase of the difference in question the

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which undoubted cerebral matter was oozing. The child's

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departure was taken on the plantation. This consisted

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under pressure, within small cyst-like cavities ; and (3)

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asylum either for the rest of their life or until such time has elapsed as

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He details eleven cases in which these conditions were superinduced by

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fully applied dry heat should be employed, with especial care to avoid acci-

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the right side, that the orifice of the Eustachian tube

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