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but surely a portion of this imperfection is due to the profound anaemia

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the treatment indicated above, with the result 134 were

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temperature, and^ the other in a sepoy with hajmorrhage from the

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the company, to the applicant, and to himself, the examiner should be

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members here to-day for their presence and co-operation.

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B. — It is higher than in any publislied records in Europe.

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upon numerous experimental researches into the conditions under which the

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these cases yielded to quinine as readily as the ague ;

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Rs. 8 ; two peons at Rs. 5 each. The house rent was

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States; International Congress Hygiene, &c , 1891, Vol. Ill, p.

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meaning that one dose of four or five grains will produce a diuretic

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officers should be encouraged to examine the blood in

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My first specimen was a female, a Macaque monkey, Macacus siniv>^.

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the same time is in my o})inion untenable. The ques-

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Surgeon Hare wrote : " There cannot be a doubt that

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beneficial use. They do not destroy the poison, but

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and is so simple that it can be worked by people who

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that above a certain point, as the body of the lower jaw is moved upward, the

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sults. Dyspnoea was agreed by all to be evidently laryngeal, and paraly-

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serviceable in relieving pain, and decidedly superior to both antipyrin and

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contents, and heated gently in a shallow porcelain dish. At the edges of the

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an autopsy, is charged to heart disease or cerebral apoplexy.

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briefly described, in each of which operation led to apparent

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the presence of organic matter and other substances

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is weakened from any cause, a measure of social convul-

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therapeutic addition to our ordinary arsenal for the relief of phthisical

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cream could be made by rubbing in a glass mortar from

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