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in temperate climates, is a rare exception in the tropics.

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He drew attention to tlie presence of clayey or whitish

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The above four tests, together with the diflerences in

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of ansBsthesia, thereby dulling the vagus, and thus to some extent shielding

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can moreover be applied in addition to MacEwan's or

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patients are anaemic and weakly. In the more advanced states, in strong

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the following ;— (1.) The most common method is as

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femur, or upper part of the iibia, especially large sup-

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parents was considered one of the chief defects of the

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months, respectively, had performed their patrol duties,

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ten per cent, of the cases, chiefly in typhoid and phthisis, more often after

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intra- laryngeal interference with growths, several writers

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the chronic form is also not unusual. Clinically there may be diagnosed

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nished power of self-restraint, adjusting the punishment

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mentioned. Very probably it does not, but if it does,

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State acted upon these recommendations, and the ma-

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ulceration, but in unfavorable cases they may become

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that the chart gives the indication of a quartan type of fever.

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by nearly every patient whose history I possess. There

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catarrhal dyspepsia. The inorganic basis of the flnid

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trained men is required, who shall be interested in the

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ency. In the course of a week or two, the transplanted portion invari-

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his normal mental condition and totally without remembrance of what

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the disease itself, yet they all so manifestly tend toward brain exhaustion,

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Cohnstein {ArchivfiXr Oyndkologie, Band 33, Heft 1) has treated five severe

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special clause is introduced to legalize a small retail

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The pyrogallic acid was applied mainly to the hands, feet, and legs, in the

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