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coccus colonies developed in vast numbers from the pseudo-membrane.

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(as in the diagram) for fitting over the coolie's head.

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eaten at the commencement of the habit is about half

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external evidences of injury are very slight, or may be absent. But

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short time before her death. No diagnosis of aneurism was made. At

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Galago has two pair of pectoral teats. The Aye-Aye ( Cheiromys) pos-

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occasionally poisoned to satisfy a grudge, the more usual

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at rest, and during heavy rains. So have the drains

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of the abdomen, increasing fatty deposit in the omen-

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The patit'nt was discharged with Humed Ali on the 9tl) of

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ward in their endeavours to advance their profession,

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The mean temperature of the year is 43^ F.; of sum-

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or slight, and the nervous symptoms well-marked. Such

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villagers who live on its banks, and there was a severe

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H. Pelzer {Therap. Monatsh., October, 1888, 464) reports the case of a

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is probably older in India than among the modern na-

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ficial wound is also closed by a continuous buried suture, and is covered with

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the head falls on the breast, and consciousness is lost for about two seconds.

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which is kept shut during the winter, while a whole

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The patient was walking in a field, felt a bite, and looking down is said to have found his toe

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of an artery : first, anything that diminishes the resistance or elasticity

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for pilgrims and this class of people, our town in every res-

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but when taken over a large range of heads, its impor-

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by the European makers have always been rather care-

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more numerous, and were investigated more closely, it was

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Murchison's pathogenic theory, viewed in the light of recent

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Board certificates of three different commissions from

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experiments with the view of proving the etiological relation to diph-

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