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find the results of analyses recorded by eminent analysts

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Major Cunningham, Civil Surgeon of Simla, in the Surgical section.

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Vaidic and Indian articles. J5oth should be heavily

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is of use to digest this slough and bring about a healthy condition. 2. The

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which may be accidental, muscular and articular pains

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year the leg has been under almost constant treatment at home, and

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The lowest septic mortality before the use of bichloride was 5 per cent. ;

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Cultures of the bacilli injected subcutaneously into guinea-pigs killed

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kinds of cereals. The Punjab therefore very closely

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foremost I would put the lack of reliable standards and

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Now, taking each of these eighty-nine cases separately, adding 1.5 cm.

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sued. The abscess was opened, and under antiseptic treatment recovery fol-

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distinct, loud sound. Chest had just been examined with negative re-

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medical men their services could be further utilized by

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never confined to isolated cases ; it was found in clumps

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drugs procured by me personally, either in the jungles

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from urine, and therefore that excremental pollution

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of the skin never fail in clearing up ; not so readily do

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discharged on the 23rd June, able to walk freely and

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some strange conclusions. It might be held to forbid

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of such a scheme which our nursing schools are try-

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of the gas, the reader is referred to the Lancet of September 22, 1888.

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objectionable medicament from any point of view. It is easy of adminis-

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structures which thus guard the entry of the foetal

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4. Buchanan (Calcutta) enquired wlielher the reader of tlie

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more efficiently. He has also devised a curette having a hollow stem through

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trol by diaphoretic and diuretic medicines, a whole

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fibres are not applied closely around the cells, but form

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without any perceptible muscle atrophy with paralysis of the

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Grazing shots only wounded the lids, and at the same time produced some

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* •' Fkatiog Matter of the Air." Py John Tyadall, 2nd Edition.

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finds few opportunities to perform the operation under the most favor-

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posed of dense white fibrous tissue ; they are sometimes

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lotion 1 to 20, quinine, morphine, diaphoretics, san-

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