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brane would relieve them immensely. Patients with small-
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year with a successful result ; removing five inches of the bone. It
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diphtheria developed. No pseudo-membrane was seen in the pharynx,
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ring was next closed by suturing Poupart's ligament with a ''quilted suture'^
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solution, which washings had already been successfully tried
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District of the Punjab, especially so this year, when it had been
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intestine, and disintegration products from partially
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month by the inspectors, sub-inspectors and vaccinators,
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fright or the excitement being sometimes followed by a train of nervous
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practitioners of medicine have to obtain a license from
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water. They are then covered over with a similar wet
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movements of the joint are unimpaired. The skin of the index finger
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all who have ever written on the subject, he should give his reasons for
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soon 39 I had relief from the ptudy of the fair site itself, a
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of these cases with favorable results. In cases of infantile paralysis, however,
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In post-febrile cases occurring after attacks of peritonitis and typhoid
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his own treatment and adopt that which commends itself
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can be remedied by adding a little soda water to the
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the same jails 5,275 cases of respiratory affections,
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unnecessary irrigation, or to the canal and its branches
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of structures in different parts, alveolar reticular, myxomatous, and
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be an ordinary attack of enteric fever. In the second
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the capsule will be seen, although jjirfvctlj/ transp/ircnt,
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only to a lesser extent, and varying in each case with
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matter, they did not halt at mere theory, as witness the
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vened. Yet the patient lived until March 24th, a month longer, having
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Is^. — Because I believe it to be simpler and far more
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more from^heat and dust than from cold and rain. They
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for the remedy of disease." He goes on to make a bad matter worse
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tions and sterility and proves a danger in the former
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does not depend upon the use of wet or dry medicines,
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symptoms, such as polyuria, thirst, burning sensation of
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useful ; but it is seldom that one of these diseases occurs uncompli-
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Under such conditions as these, it is natural to expect

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