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161 had this condition ; in 51 it was bilateral, and 110 unilateral.

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thirds of it lying above, and two-thirds below that point. The purplish spleen

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Europe generally, and also in America, large numbers of women

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ing again in the feces ; or more than ten per cent, in excess of what should be

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Aldershot, and at Geneva in 1883-84, with a movable

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to furnish material for the skilled labourer to bind into

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enough to take into account the element of coiucidenco

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medical officer of the Chilian army, in which he stated

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include in its duties the preservation of the cattle of the

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extreme distention of the side. Bouveret, in his recent monograph on

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popularly known as " the black sickness " in Dublin

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by chiselling away one whole side of the bone, leaving

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The Surgical Importance of Strictures of Large Calibre.

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and the same thing — the fulfilment of the Listerian

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ear, the eyebrows, and the lips. In many cases their

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Botanically, many of the doubtful points relating to

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for the diffusion of vaccination through their districts.'"

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The kind of agency and the necessity for it will be

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symptoms of diseases are quite sufficient, except only

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This remarkable result shows at once that there must be another and

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again and again by medical officers of the Peshawar jail.

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would last for twenty years." They were made of teak

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Nur, about HO years old, was said to have been wounded

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dered imperative by the large expenditure of time which is required for

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apparently serve as a starting-point of widespread epidemics of genuine

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Presidency. It is not creditable to our administration in this

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toms on which a positive differential diagnosis can be based. The author

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must, however, be largely furnished by the tactician,

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four-fifths of the cases. The physician should remember that in the light

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lowered by the depressing effect of the free alkali.

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and Festivals, increasingly stringent regulations have

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appeared quite early in the disease, and enlargement

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rapidly yielded to the treatment. As a rule, after the

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patient recovers his vision. He is not always willing to

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