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is done regularly it entails very little labour, but if it is

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all the trials. The cases were unselected and many were unsuitable for

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those of om- native medicines that we ought to know

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but diphtheria in which the symptoms of general infection are sometimes

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not only in the way of miliary tuberculosis, but also in a more limited

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decomposes in the alimentary canal in part into sul-

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and its requirements as set forth in the reports of the

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considering it a sacred reptile. In this we differ from

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present goes, most commonly affected together, yet they may be and are

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risk of detection vould be incurred should the poisoned

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developed over the pelvic brim. Pain continued and fever supervened. Lapa-

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slightly to the left ; cannot whistle ; can contract orbicularis palpe-

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says, " it is not an oophorectomy, nor is it simply the removal of appen-

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in the Municipal Laboratory of Calcutta by Dr. S. B.

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Owing to vomiting the anaesthetic was insufficiently

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boy (son of deceased), took their food as usual about

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1 In two, owing to an oversight, the symphysis was not measured.

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springs before mentioned. Acidulous baths are supplied

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distinct movable membrane of fur on the back of the tongue

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birth of the first child, who is now alive, and being

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excels in nothing, and, at the same time, has lost a golden opportunity to

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The growth or patch is moistened with an antiseptic solution, and then thickly

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The result of careful enquiries into the nal xjral his-

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The writer believes that if this gradual method of separating adhesions was

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performed in which the lens was removed by opening the

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two drachms in ordinary cases. In very many cases of confirmed

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sensible diminution in this class of crime. It is of some

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infliction of severe pain not beneficent to the sufferer

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symptoms of the disease, and of itself is enough to arouse

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observed above the intra-scapular spot, the cervical and

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provided with a sufficient staff of officers; that the

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