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result of the change was highly satisfactory. In them

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which extirpation was done in two operations. Hsematocele formed where

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Spontaneous checking of the hemorrage may result through the formation of

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or very capacious, or who has washed her parts with

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The object to be attained is, first, the detection and

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due to poison ; and of the 56, in 40 opium has been the

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cautery should be used in preference to the bistoury.

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planted flap was concerned ; but, with two exceptions, they all ended in

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observed gradually developing with barely any pain into

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all delusional cases, the patients are persons of educa-

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nature of the ' poisoning cases which occur. Before,

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himself ill, returned into the house alone and died, his

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Mr. L. S. is a mau of 42 years of age, about six feet in height,

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system in a previously healthy and temperate man, free from syphilis,

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sequestrum, but are due to the movement of the hams-

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tion followed. One patient says that his face and extre-

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doses. My object is to remove discomfort and prevent

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aemia he claims that the symptoms of uraemic intoxication are produced

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of from three weeks to as many months. Since January, 1888, until

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two. Playfair,^ in agreement with Baudelocque and the older obstetric

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mild abortive enteric attacks. But there is never the

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inspiration was much more difficult, and phonation was very imperfect.

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the administration of opium was resorted to- usually in

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water." The profession would be glad to know of any means, chemi-

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nitrates in the bottles. Thus recently I had occasion

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Surgeon-Colonel Ctife, C.B., A.M.S., said that the recommen-

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fever, and lasting but a few days, and that developing at the third or fourth

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Struma, Scrofula, and Tuberculosis from a Dermatological

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allowed to slough away in course of time. Antiseptics,

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in small quantities. At 6-30 p.m., the ligature was

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