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after the disease appeared; others lingered for a year

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e^e. Dilatation, in the surgical sense of the term,

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march continued for several days till we arrived at

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remarkably small, and the companies not taking pro-

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Filarial disease appears to be prevalent along the whole

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one could suppose that this was due to their abstinence fiom

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the dissemination of disease by isolating the sick and those

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nature of the disease by post-mortem examination in well

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stuffs entail, and the reason for this is not very far to

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cases of rupture, only that death did not occur so early. The patient,

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ment of the influence of the puerperal condition upon the result of

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1 had to deal with an abscess beneath the deep cervical

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The daughters and grand- daughters nursed her with-

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Following out the method of air analysis suggested by von Esmarch,

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siderable descent from the highest point reached, and

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as compared with 193 in the previous year; at Kala-

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centre of the sore ' then sloughed out, and the base

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aural phenomena in connection with the sympathetic forms of coryza

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' See Adamkiewitz : Trans. International Med. Cong., London, pp. 1-3, 1881.

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feeble and prostrate and in bad nutrition until inunction of mer-

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metacarpo-phalangeal and phalangeal articulations is tense, thickened,

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he added, that his own experience did not warrant an

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where marriage and sexual intercourse took place at and con-

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weak fluttering pulse. He was conscious but moaning

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and acme alone are infective, and that as soon as the

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characteristics of its functions that can be broken or restored by outward

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The Medical Board did not think that, as a rule, in dry,

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The patient's age on admission into the hospital was 22

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to the skin. In view of the impossibility of keeping the bowels long

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asthenic t}pe, and, as a rule, fatal within a short period

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