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5. The proliferative activity of the bile-ducts, which

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story of the famous surgeon in the Bagh-o Bahar who

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medical officers who were stationed with me at Alder-

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ing history, pathology, etiology, treatment, mechanical and operative ;

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The latter either arises from renal disease, which has

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occurring on board passenger vessels to be removed from the

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but in the large intestine, numerous circular ulcers,

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with very little accompanying splintering. The effects

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of oxygen ; but the substances that may naturally be

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return of the menorrhagia, and other disturbances of

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water-stippUes of the different distant localities in tchich

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attaches to a death on the operation table, I applied a

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douches, one with 1 per cent., and one with 2 per cent. The creolin gave re-

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organism impregnated with drugs intended to kill the

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mens of my seven cases, came to the conclusion that

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weeks and then resumed his work. Six months afterward the supra-acromial

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was sufficient for the purpose. He noticed no blanching and no anaesthesia ;

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General Hospital, however, wrote that his hospital was

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The order of development of the following additional symptoms present

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to make the correction too small rather than too large. Lusk aptly

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occurred on the second and third days after the treatment

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superior educational qualifications and inclination for

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Surgeon-General W. R. Cornish, f.r.c.s., C i.e , record-

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less, full of interest from many points, and attended with

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systematically examined all the monkeys coming under my notice, and

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in the Sanskrit College of Jeypur it takes a boy no less than

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are found in succirubra bark. The result of these .

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way, the first result of active exercise is to quicken

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As this operation was undertaken as a last resource

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are : 1. To cut short a commencing attack of melancholia or mania in

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in fevers, pneumonia and pleurisy, as diaphoretic and

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retina, and on the 20th he reported the existence of that form of optic

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to extension with a light weight during the night and carriage in a

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Classification of motives for ••• ... ... 509

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atious. All medical practitioners in the emplo3'ment

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condiments, is a retail vendor of sago, barley, sugarcandy

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cent, in favorable cases, decides in favor of Caesarean section.

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Method. — Measurement of the amount of loss of nose

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