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modation for near vision the contraction was slight. Her
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be especially helpful to the Credentials Committee of MSNJ
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cancer patients do not tolerate surgery, radiotherapy and
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conclusion arrived at by the Ceylon Commission,^ who found the
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of its dual formation ; the fifth finger is normal. The left hand
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same kind of vaccinif er. Most probably more than one cause is concerned
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Private physicians should consider the advantages of these
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sides the glands, is divided into three parts, viz. the lacteals,
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containing surface is more or less covered with a glutinous
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of the jaw at 60 degrees. Bibasilar moist rales were present.
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the lecturers generally come from a corporate-prepared
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with a knife usually without cutting through the endonasal
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1869 Sedgwick, Leonaed "William, M.D., 2, Gloucester
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(Figure 2). Since the patient was doing well, it was elected
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specific gravity. And although he infers from his first table that the
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but the disinclination of the friends, and more especially the
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into piles in blood not buffy is well known (see Notes c and cix) ; in
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bone and its phalanges normal, the latter being displaced in-
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creased and the quantity of fluid separated decreased.'' Dr. Davy'^ has
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corroborated by tube cholecystogram. She was begun on
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*In the case of cholera vaccine the previous heating to sterilize is omitted, and sterilization
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If the plan provides for individual accounts and a plan
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posed which we either do not know about or which we
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Advise patients to discuss therapy if they intend to
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Dr. Herringham's Gases of Dijphtheritic Paralysis. 79
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has been involved, however, illustrate the need for this type
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(vi.) Perhaps Mayow's nitro-aerial spirit, mentioned in Note iv,
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Most (75 percent) had the organism isolated. Erythromycin
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plexion is delicate, his skin soft and smooth, and his muscular
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National Environment Protection Act (NEPA), the Water
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allergic to neomycin. Ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity
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that such substances as urea, uric acid, and bilin, may be products of
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edge we will be better able to structure our educational
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except in the very few places where final difference of opinion is indi-
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extensively damaged by calculous disease, either without
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did so too j and in the animal reduced by low diet, where the
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7. Graves VB, Schreiber MH: Tuberculous psoas muscle abscess.
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