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ductions of the infected area, and not against those of the

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duly qualified man." We apologise for the mistake, and take

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tion of registers, or from the assumption of registered titles.

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mand of Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel Norton, there being

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midwife, and who admitted having attended the deceased,

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mately died of marasmus three months after the operation.

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in tlie habit of visiting her dentist every six months.

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making use of the means of ventilation provided, probably on

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in order to justify such a council sharing in the Parliamentary

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The Commissioners give a short review of the chief methods

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dilatation is soon lost. In passing Hegar's dilators on these

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although the general symptoms were present, and with tliese

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ments of a seven to ten year old child, then any increase of its proteid

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the last six or eight years, are now going to flow together.

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patient— is one of the most, important and valuable of all.

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the aid of hot bottles, champagne, and morphine she rallied,

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account whatever use a syringe without my express orders.

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next step is to rupture the capsule. That ought always to be '

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LETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, ETC., have been received from :

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began to have spasmodic abdominal pains, chiefly on the

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the radial artery, and if that did not bring about a cure he

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Advocate of the last Government. Witli reference to your

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upon-Tyne ; R N. Llshman, College o£ Medicine, Newcastle-upon-

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The pipette, which is of course traversed by a central channel,

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" Psorospermosis vel Gregarinosis." ^ Thfrewas, as yet, no

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first inflicted would go to the discharge o the costs of com-

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