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lowing the last epidemic there were seen at medical

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In acute inflammation, in a strong person, bleeding is strongly

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not, however, mean to affirm by these, or any other remarks

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thus completely destroying vision. The blood was extra vasated,

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MurLiNS. — In Baldwinsville, Mass., on Saturday, March

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placenta the patient is placed in the lithotomy posi-

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abscesses that discharged pus into the bronchi by fistulous passages.—

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reasons, add, that in cases when it cannot be effected, it is no

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human species, Dr. Bigger observed, that he thought that in

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eyes dull and suffused ; muttering delirium ; unable to swallow

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there was a slight confusional state with occasional

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all that was attempted in the cases I have recorded.


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rustic regions are to be found men of scholarly attainments and

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present in abnormal amounts, varying frorn lOO c. c.


especially the smaller ones, in the spinal ganglia.

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filled. Another point of differentiation is that the

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forty of these the temperature was taken before the

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progress in treatment was noted ; since the greater

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respects is it more objectionable than either of the villages of Jeer-

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Several cases are given of inflammation of joints, in which, after

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seeking for a substitute for tincture of iodine as a

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writer says, the paste not only destroys the tumour, but ' purifies the surrounding

interaction between selegiline and meperidine

York; Woman's Medical Association of New York City (an-

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Tlic President, Dr. Frrdkhick TlI.^■l■;^■. in the I'hair.


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very largely by the result of these microscopic ex-

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the corrosive sublimate is, to begin with a weak solution of it,

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with a little sterile cotton and a boiled tube. At the

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A man was admitted into hospital upon the second day of

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sume the character of the disease, and the matter secreted by it

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researches on crystals occurring in the intestinal canal, and

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such a master ; we believe the first part of the work before us

eldepryl capsule

only when the disease increases in severity, and when general

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thors, as an argument favoring the parasitic origin

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