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criminal is morally insane, usually incurable, and that
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restlessness, excitement, or anxiety, which, as it increases, leads to a
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found a considerable number of short, stout, round-end bacilli and sev-
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ever, generally practicable. A long t ime elapses before the
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districts, registration must of necessity l)e a very gra-
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are collected on a bamboo frame- work which is made
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mater was divided in cases I and IV, but not in the
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at the rate of one anna per successful operation, up to
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first intention in seven days, the stitches being removed
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should be subtracted. If the opposite conditions prevail, an addition
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has not yet received a place in medical literature.
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was detected in human viscera, points, in a most unmistakeable
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above remedies possess any power in arresting the disease.
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this process of sophistication provides quite an industry
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that these opinions will now be heard, and that they
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epidemic throughout the whole of that region. Parts of the
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of clothing and changing such clothing at once after
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surface of the tibia. I scraped with Volkmann's spoon, and he is now
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be calmed by a cheerful word and personal presence. The anaesthesia should
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ordered him to act as assistant surgeon, and that he
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1 Hallucinations are unreal perceptions of the diflerent senses ; thus, seeing a something that does
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times greater than in adults (note also the excess of
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noid cartilage being enlarged and the vocal band much smaller and thinner
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put paraldehyde as the type of a pure hypnotic ; the bromides and their
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(Loc. cit., p. 156.) Indeed, Jaccoud has remarked frequently, after the
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they must be in their, second year of service, strongly
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produce catarrh by their interference with the respiration and circula-
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Now that a higher standard of requirement prevails, even with a pro-
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former text-books, and very properly, since it is merely a result of other

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