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very useful measure. Electricity, as faradization, should also be employed,

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no respect for the kind of fibre involved, since the connective tissue is

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disagreeable taste or smell and vary in temperature and

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bone. A large quantity of blood which had not vet had

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with other oily substances deficient in these qualities

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protected. At first 2,719 were successful, of these

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even of total suspected cases of poisoning, and affords

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pregnancy or labor. On examining the membranes and placenta it was

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spots in different parts of the body distinctly point to

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bregma is placed too far in front of the biauricular line. In describing

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Collector of Customs, Calcutta, we areenabled to furnish

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constituents, numerous bacilli of about nine micromillimetres in length.

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tendency to widening of the area of nervous and mental reflex irritations

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the sinus, yet the ophthalmoplegia was unilateral for five months before

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ing. At present non-fatal cases of poisoning are not

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occurred the wet earth was at once removed and dry earth

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poisoner takes a painted stick about a foot and a half in

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selves. {g.) For we are dealing with a poison that may

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A leper can in no case walk long or far, and to walk

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error to be less than 1 cm. (^") in seventy. In the remaining nineteen

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living and in excellent health — none of them presenting the slightest

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tuberculosis occurs in women more frequently than is generally supposed,

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and varied opportunities of observing the prevalence of

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as much enquiry as possible, submitted them, with any

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Bengal the first place, it must, however, be noted that

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in the uterine walls, or faintness. Treatment should be addressed to the

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He knew there was a Bengali proverb which said " koori,

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has been given the technical name of prcecordial fear, there is always

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out of which 677 were successful (or about 90 percent.)

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