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suggested that this may be the point of entrance of the tetanus organism
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surrounded by cicatricial fibrous tissue, producing scarring of the surface.
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themfelves Ihould be fent to paflure every day, and
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uranium, the heaviest, and that between each two elements in the
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material, which speedily dries and becomes converted into a fresh crust.
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it may be of fome fervice in the beginning, to pre-
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After the prodromal and macular stage, well-marked numbness or
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and cream, yolk of egg, slackly boiled, on sopped toast, sandwiches made
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ning the probe through the flefh. If it be fo, it is
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plafm compofed of bay-berries, rice, nitre, vinegar,
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contains a small amount of albumin and numerous casts in the common
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of the ftallion fitteft for breeding, 59. Expediency of crof-
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of brain tumour fall into two groups: A. Symptoms and signs due to
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it has occurred in girlhood and recurred in middle age. Its onset is,
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Those who have studied abroad know that the routine method is for
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ceptions to this rule are numerous enough, for altitude per se has no
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amongst other things manioc-eating, intemperance of all descriptions,
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deaths from sunstroke which sometimes occur in soldiers during the
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varied from 1*6 to 4*3 per cent., whilst in the severer forms of poisoning
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still to consider why this abnormality should occur.
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of an acute catarrh is towards a rapid subsidence. In those cases which
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be separated from those which produce the general constitutional effects
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An annular stricture may in this way be produced long after the activity of
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the enucleation. Inflammation following the enucleation operation
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in nerves, muscles, and bones. The parts most usually affected are the

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