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over the abdomen gave no visible or palpable impulse in the perineal region.

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a rubber bag which can be distended to the size of the foetal head, firmer in

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internally and externally, relatively to the size of the

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introduced therein without even exciting the suspicion

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hygiene, we are capable of knitting together every race

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is known as the " picottah," and consists' of a lever

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gir visited Tejgir on the 13th September, while the

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other acute diseases are special or confined to certain of them only,

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semination of the sick. Nevertheless, another half-

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followed by desquamation. Examination of these infiltrated tissues for ery-

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deadly. Whereas the accepted estimate of casualties

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time at my disposal to lay before you a sketch of the

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dense fibrous tissue, from which the trabeculse are seen to emerge and

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in the uterine walls, or faintness. Treatment should be addressed to the

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it is covered with dry scaly epidermis. At length the

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of this condition, or, roughly speaking, a quarter of the

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ed from Kashmir ; it lasted but a short time, and did

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seen two of them die from an ordinary dose of Epsom

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we may re isonably look forward to being able to save

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nourished. Should typhus not be at hand, a malarial

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Introduced into the mucous membranes of rabbits, guinea-pigs, chickens,

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confining ourselves to those cases only in which the culture methods have

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Sanitary Commissioner for A<sam, in his Annual Report

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intensity of its tone, butalso its tone value may be varied by the means and the

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vitreous loss was very large, and in the remaining 23

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the recovery from tubercular disease, being di-y, cold,

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aperture was very narrow, so that only the medium sized

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and its thick, rounded anterior edge came immediately into view. It was of

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