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as to remove their red or black coverings so that they

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the profession denies, and I trust I have proved to you

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millets in f^ombay and Scind, may be taken at 83 per

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fevers and to its value as a preventative of secondary complica-

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of blood, and necessarily the collection in the body of

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(15) The site of any urinal shall be promptly changed,

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the posterior nerves, which run up longitudinally to the

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necessary to stir up those, who, believing in the bene-

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veins probaloly slightly dilated, and post pharyngeal

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and loving benevolence of the Countess of Duft'erin,

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minimum fatal dose of Indian opium, which is much less

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with alligators and water-fowl runs to the walls of

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analogy, however, wUl show the course of this difference.

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time than is necessary to the discovery and the destruc-

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poison, viz., arsenic. Scientific poisoning is practically

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three-fourths of an inch broad is taken, and the ends are

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to secure any better machinery in collecting vital statis-

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because of the chapter it contained on " The Motions of the Pupil in

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countrymen take in it," yet talks of "the joyous and

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syphilis* has very largely exhibited a peculiarity not

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epiglottis to the bifurcation of the trachea ; this was firm and closely

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tions of city, town, village or district is requisite, which

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of the poison tikes place is when the snake seizes,

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stood with their backs toward the foot of the table. The ovaries were

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the supraclavicular region on inspiration. In attempting to speak, the

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degenerative nature rather than inflammatory. There is granular dis-

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