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by the material gathered together in the two volumes that compose the
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checked. I have but small experience of cold-baths in
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injury, and shows that the lumbar enlargement, the exit of the nerve, and the
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often suffered more from the effects of bad feeding during ill-
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to the effect that the great majority of cases of so
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beri-beri were identical and not two different diseases.
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On October 29th temperature rose to 102^ F. and she began to suffer
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must, I think, attribute this fact mainly to a predisposi-
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the department if the emoluments and prospects^ were
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longer raises the skin above the level of the surround-
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suffered only very slightly more than the l^uffs who
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Esmarch tubes— generally in the former. Duplicate plates were in all
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tions of the inguinal canal in its full length, the
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skill attained by so many of them must have led num-
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reported by Dr. H. Gage [Boston Med. and Surg. Journal, Nov. 15, 1888), the
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tion in quantity. It contained a few pus corpuscles and some excess of
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spiration was accompanied by a croupy sound, almost like a whoop,
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further on. The papides are succeeded by pustules and
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of the sun light it would probably be within the mark to estimate
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is accounted for by the dilatation of the heart and tricuspid in-
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was the peculiar absence of anaatnia in the great majority of: these
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sewage. It is, moreover, a voracious feeder, and is not
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a water by the detection and estimation of nitrates and
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cases steadily and surely the gap in the shaft was filled by a well-defined
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Antidote— Immediate administration of the expressed
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the experimenters do not experiment withoiit good reason
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M. F — , who was said to have been shot by a comrade
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ardent continued fever, sunstroke, pneumonic fever, cholera, smallpox.
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combatant officers, possibly because after spending
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