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describes how he was radically cured by smearing the
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dressing of the incision I had made by washing it with
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weeks or months the nervous symptoms appear, differing widely in kind
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irrigator points or canulae, for the vagina and rectum; nail-brush; scissors
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the Bordeaux report and Dr. Barry's report, the re-
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protected. At first 2,719 were successful, of these
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district during June. None of these, however, occurred in any
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it certainly is very wise and proper that children should
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In regard to the therapy, the author says that numerous experiments have
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such fevers treated with quinine. These fevers which
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The ordinary dose of strychnia is from one-thirty to
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of casualties are likely to be found; the stretcher
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not excite any suspicion that adhesions of extraordi-
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of this disease occurred at Bunji amongst the sepoys
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flatness of the land necessitates the use of pumps,
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be powerless to prevent its spread should the contemplated
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food production is also increased. But it appears to me
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retain the bacteria. Hero quantitative bacteriological
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1876 to 1880, or an average of "07 per million of the
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3. S. Haslet Browne (Lahore) said ids experience agreed
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tress for want of water. Palki and doolie bearers, travelling
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of bloodless surgery was adopted before dressing or
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the operation. Sponges were carefully boiled and kept
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selves well up in diagnosis and treatment of diseases,
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which show the parasite in the blood and those which
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had had the means available of isolating sections of

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