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Though syphilis does occasionally " throw true," and

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tain the personal privileges of being interviewed in the

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observed in France, in Italy, in Spain, and in Denmark.

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the latter half under the free scheme as during the

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With other observers, he found the pulse slowed, and the patients improved

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various Cape ports right into this country. Though I

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American surgeons, an indication for immediate laparotomy, and while for

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and 27 in males. The females (9 in number) were all domestics by

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laparatomy done on females in private practice in the

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Rs 15 000 to Rs. 30,000 yearly (exclusive of a drainage loan

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that strumous arthritis is eminently curable. Tubercular disease, if it

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Eakhul Das Ghosh (Calcutta) attributed cases of puerperal

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mining the antipyretic value of a drug before it is utilized in therapeutics.

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vere distinctly seen. There is also marked pigmentation of the

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that induration has not yet taken place, and the torn edges are soft and

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single drop of laudable pus, and which heals immediately

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(0.6 cm. to 3.2 cm.), but any considerable variation could be detected on

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more reliable as to duration of activity than its rival glycerised

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their usefulness would still further be increased by a

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may present great, and oftentimes startling, variations,

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notoriously malarious, and the opportunity for studying malarial fever

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tion must produce two sorts of virus, one of which gives rise to the ordinary

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sterno-cleido-mastoid. The use of the arm was perfect. Kaufmann reviews

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eause of his disease, caused him great mental anxiety,

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must be borne in mind that the height of the promontory above the

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