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them begins to turn turbid and the areola begins to form

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form of cataract, since there is no opacity of the lens

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In conclusion, the main facts of the disease may be

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es, it is stated, that in climatic fevers "there maybe aU

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at the rate of one anna per successful operation, up to

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only exception is salicylic acid, which, given from the beginning of scarlatina,

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sinks quickly into the pelvis, leaving only a small

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cess that occurs more slowly by itself, for a month after

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in the last stages of the disease. This report will be read with interest in

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in the latter. Take one as an example : I excised the elbow in a lad of

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gital plane of the larynx. We cannot follow the minute histology

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selected irrigateil villages regarding their health, at

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being used to renew the stock. Lanoline paste is pre-

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membrane. The spleen cultures were negative, but a few colonies of

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in diminished area of dulness, in diminution of thoracic vibrations, of

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in the plain, and from him the disease quickly spread,

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Dr. Haas considers the action of strophanthus to be one which diminishes

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gathered seed, mixed with a little food. Half an hour

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establish this conclusion. All cases of early growths

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weak fluttering pulse. He was conscious but moaning

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tion goes on, this gradually softens and disappears.

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cal diarrhoea (as there met Avith) might be due to a

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the kidney on this side was the seat of calculous disease. 3. A calculus may

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bridge of tissue that remains when the counter-puncture has been made,

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position. At the same time the results obtained amply

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parts were dark greyish in color ; it weighed lib. 15oz. Spleen

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fighting was confined to one corps, and partook largely

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of its surplus water. This might be done in an inex-

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men for a few days to clear the encumbered ground than

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evident symptoms of severe typhoid fever, and the disease ran a somewhat

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through the temporal, 15 the nasal, 15 the upper, and 5 the lower wall of the

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cases of datura poisoning, the whole fruit or powder-

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respiratory complications constituted an additional

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