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less will effectually aid sanitary advance, and, were it
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the ejes of their infant charges, how much the number
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number are kept in the equipment of garrison hospitals
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or, indeed, occasionally by reported cases. It is so easy to prove too
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the affection or the suddenness of its onset to any particular cause. She
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80 as to facilitate work. It need hardly be said that
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after three days, the patient was unable to speak for
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the posterior nerves, which run up longitudinally to the
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Although this is the first Medical Congress in thi^
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dangers are real enough — would quench human pas-
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prevailing at the lock-up. I reported the disease to be
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beds of clay. Water is found below the surface at vary-
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ally cold ; and the stormy cold weather lasted well into
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had supervision over the section running from Samara, in the direction
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the vocal bands common to chronic laryngeal catarrh. In the region of the
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tracings of the manometer every fact as it occurred.
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ing which sometimes lines a portion of the bowel con-
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and one, a beggar, who had probably been all over the
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tion of movements of flexion in cases of dislocation of both bones of the fore-
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lately read in the Viertel Jahrsschrift fur Gerlichtlielie
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edge of the knife and the verge of the anus, and lay the
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becominj^ rusty and blunt at the point, and a well made
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Hollstein does not believe in immediate laparotomy for rupture of the sac.
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sepoys (chiefly of the rear guard, which was out all
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the duration and severity of the inflammatory process
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respiratory centre), as we know it to do in the pulmon-
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Hence, incredible as it often seems to the bystander,
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One of them, Dr. GheA'ers, takes the disease to be a
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over the penis on to the defect, leaving a small hole for
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those desiring this luxury otherwise than at the hands

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