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bladder. The obvious result is that gout must be a very

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has a disagreeable taste, the author prescribes it in the following formula:

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true, we get a typical case, but in the majority of in-

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accessory gland corresponded in position to that in the Macaque (Fig. 6).

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If it is a distinct fever by itself, as I regard it, then

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dui-ing the cold, it may be intermittent for several days.

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afford much more accurate information reg-ardintj the

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stance, calcium chloride. This salt is very important

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be raised, should be kept in perfect rest and quiet — how could

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washing by Condy the stomach was cleaned out of all perman-

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with ample medical and record staffs, alleviating the

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thoroughly washed. The punctured portion is known by

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or not more than a few days' duration : not attended by

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no clue to the truth. There is no change in the face ; she

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tent fevers, the drug is given during remission with

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reported in the Bengal Police Administration return

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9tli December. — Morning; temperature 102"4°, pulse

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ed had all the characteristics of good vaccine, and

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carry with them are alive to the advantages of sanitation.

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An incision was made through the interspace between the recti, which

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for this year was a notably pandemic year. From what

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I was not able to spare separate calves for cultivation

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free escape not being permitted for drainage. Even when

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old, I employed arthrectomy in May, 1888. The joint healed absolutely

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ventilated rooms, and at the present moment there are

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of the day. There were, it was repeatedly stated, pre-

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the Calcutta Medical Society took a great interest in

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cholera microbes present in water. In the following

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(2.) As to the idea of the defacement of the fungus,

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long-continued threat of recurrence; second, that osseous ankylosis is

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