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bacilli were obtained from the blood. Of 85 cases in the first week bacilli
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reddened and has a peculiar glazed, wrinkled appearance. In some instances
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specialized aA^enues of entry and escape, through the body of some insect.
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disturbed the kidne}^ itself or some other part of the urinary
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demic. In the northern part of the United States scarlet fever is much more
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through an improved state of the nervous system all the functions are
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extension from otitis media in one (Haedke), from empysema of the antrum
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as a complication is extremely rare; that it may exist and not be recognized
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giving of water. The need of large amounts of water is often forgotten and
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The disease may be transmitted from the time of the first catarrhal symp-
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nected with cancer of the liver, I think they would be good
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lot, and without doubt have considered them all with equal
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of slowing of the circulation, blood changes or lesions in the
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the symptom of persistent tenderness. This is sometimes
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This conception also accounts for the very unfavorable prognosis in entero-
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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin
downhill progress; while in yet others the damage is as fleeting as that to
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Allchin says the fact that casts are abundant in any sam-
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exercise in gymnasiums and horseback riding, the percentage

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