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Dr. Werner has done a service in taking advantage of his opportunity
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biliary cirrhosis from other liver disease of a similar
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of port and five ounces of cognac daily for twelve days.
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into a description of the " Diseases of the Ovaries." The former takes up
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The advantages of not doing an iridee tomy are : —
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town and suburbs of Calcutta, 55"8 per cent, were due
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some good men, after theh' own lights, although in a
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the proximate cause was due to tlie presence of anchy-
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carriages, in which are three hundred beds, complete
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other surgical treatment. The administration of CO2 gas
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ance, the bullets will pass clean through the parts
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more or less fulness of the thyroid gland and the force
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has been largely used in dropsy and cystitis. It has also
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focation sets in. Post-mortem reveals congestion of
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parts are painful on pressure. Much depends on the stage
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a greater or less degree. The divided muscles retract,
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lose in weight, while a habit and a craving are apt to be set up. Chloral
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arises is, on what principles should a scale of potability
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rectum. The introduction of the nozzle of the syringe into the
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plicate labor; when they occasion delay they should be displaced. When
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in Hamburg [Miinchener med. Woch., Nov. 27, 1888), a woman from whom he
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ments are but little, if at all, interfered with. Such a result, however, is
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by lower segment section, without iridectomy. — The
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March it ranged from 71' to 80°. In April from 75^
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and stimulates the digestion not alone of nitrogenous
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deaths which occurred, the first 15 were around one
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household waste-wa'er. Under the present arrangements
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minutes. Twice the motions were passed during sleep and the
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presence at all ? Thus Rumpp ia Hamburg, Lesage and
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also unnecessary. If fresh supplies of poison be cutoff,
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Besides these recently differentiated forms are those
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American text-books of medicine. The French, Itali-

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