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be stopped for some days on that account. Thirteen of the seventeen patients
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of the tissues and sheaths of the tendons surrounding
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it free of charge to all w^ho would accept it, with the
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K. K. Joshi (Bhopal) mentioned five cases of warty growth
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stained with picrocarmine and mounted in Farrant's solution the
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the hepatic vein, in order to supply fatty materials for
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simple than in the open method, as there are no dress-
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There are at present in the wards of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
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time to time as to the identity of the posterior cap-
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slightly raised above the surrounding swamp. In Eng-
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It certainly is an accident to be feared before the lens
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stated, + I cannot of course vouch for the figures, that
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struction complete and probably permanent. It was, also, a good evi-
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the whole disease. In an accessible bone like the tibia this is not diffi-
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many advantages, it has its drawbacks. Mr. Wigner's
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is that many unfortunate pilgrims are unable to continue their
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quickly to pieces. The officers and men landed for the
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without nipples. Our knowledge of this subject has been considerably
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swelling which is confined to the septum of the nose
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of lens cortical substances present to set up irritation.
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fully and under antiseptic precautions. On trying to
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lated surfaces, but these could be induced by a variety of bacteria which
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best adapted for these purposes experiments were made testing the absorptive
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present the term is so' much abused that instead of en-
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ment, this is, in itself, an evidence that the case was not an inoperable one.
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a sanitarium than they should be, and leads to hill
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are introduced with advantage. But he should certainly have stated
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commencing fresh broncho-pneumonia. Bronchial lymph glands greatly
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exit. On the 24th March five No. 8 shot were extracted

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