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swelling of the penis is called upadangsa. Upadangsa

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missioner with the Government of India. Since then,

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This symptom appears to have been more frequently met

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red color, resembling that of the phloroglucin-vanillin reaction, which gradu-

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of infection, bearing the following faetsj in mind:

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are loud and distinct, not amphoric. In the third and fourth inter-

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was not paralysed by pressure. The thyroid was much

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ful. The annual proportion of the vaccinated to the

avodart medication prostate bypass

certain day, feeling much heated, she put her feet into cold water to

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explained by the unyielding nature of their abdominal

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exudation was found in the pleurae and pericardium ; and the liver, spleen,

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and coated ; respirations 36, temperature lOOf °. He was able to lie

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conditions as stated with which exceptional prevalence

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'6. Oof cAafana, I.e., to work up the mind of a person

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that did not have the pathognomonic signs of perforation ; for example, hsema-

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not been any difficulty in swallowing, nor alteration of voice, nor evi-

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village to village ? He had large experience of this method,

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it was recommended that for this purpose it should,

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nervous symptoms. In Indian ditibetes the knee-jerk

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cornese, with absence of corneal reflex ; loss or impairment of tactile

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vents ulceration from the end of the canula. In removing these tampons

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any way at variance. No example could be more strik-

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residents, though it is better to locate the farms at a

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Bholios. — On the termination of each journey at each terminus,

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On the other hand, if the os be only slightly dilated, or

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such a conclusion more convincing, it would be difficult

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the muscles than the bones : leaving a conical stamp

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no signs or symptoms of aneurism. The patient died from an intercur-

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the mischief at present being wrought would be pre-

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admissions are put down for enteric fever, as against

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" There is also an eruption of tubercles varying in size

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as sudden outbreaks of small-pox. Calf lymph is also

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quent. Thus it was possible to follow the development of colonies on

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