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ductus arteriosus. From this point of view Indians possess this
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administrative medical officer vvill be the real head on all medical
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2. The examination should consist in measurement of the external
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over-strain, from vicious habits of life, or from over-
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Case 7.- — No clear history of illness ; admitted 12th
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in detail. The following are the objections which will
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4. Strict antisepsis, competent assistants, and a full understanding of the
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very characteristic sour odor, and examination at different times showed it to
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fully recognized by Sir William Jones, the President-
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admitted to the officinal list, we would, all of us will,
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refer you, gentlemen, to my table of 100 cases of the
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remarkably small, and the companies not taking pro-
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circumstances laboriously and cleverly worked out, may
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comprising 135 cases : 6 successful cases in addition are known to Caruso, but
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motor depressant, or a combination of these. Different cases have such
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ing depths, but generally in the low-lying parts of the
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same in Europeans and Indians, and that they are in close
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It will be observed that in the two cases in which the history is com-
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extreme contraction of the pelvis. The results given in the paper
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subject, in which unfortunately the results have been
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5i years ago, almost complete occlusion of the vagina
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injection of cold water, cold eSusion (injection of iced
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experifence of recorded cases of cattle-poisoning agreed with his
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of medical aid which they can obtain at the present
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very little reference to this subject, but it is an impor-
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January 1893, he began a series of sixty washings — Result,
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subordinate to it, are of the utmost importance in many
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following laborious occupations in the country. Out of 58 patients with
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play is suspected. The police must find the criminal.
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Occasionally the right lobe enlarges so much that its
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too, considering the circumstances, was very remarkable,

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