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the indol re-action, and for the effects of inoculation

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on the 15th June 1894, whilst lying asleep on the floor

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of symptoms, i. e., heat, tingling and numbness, are the

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tympanitic, with a doubtful impulse, gurgling on pressure. The abdomen

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the applications to the throat. The same mixture is to be injected into the

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wounds caused by the Magazine bullet, yet I thought

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may not he evident, inflammation is suddenly developed

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of the good appetite which patients taking Carlsbad

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to his mother and other relatives. He was then taken

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in this country. Dr. Mitra deserved much praise for the trouble

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the mechanical school. The vexed subject of "Displacements of the

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or with health in incurable cases ? Can we, during special paroxysms and

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On admission she was extremely anasmic and there was extensive

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in the nerve centres and nerves in diphtheria. Professor W. M. Thom-

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The loss of the latter tells very severely on the country

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and downward, just below the angle of the jaw, where there is some enlarge-

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This section, while it contains nothing perhaps absolutely new, has been

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and preventing those conditions detrimental to health,

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are often sufficient to deter criminal instincts from the

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being merely a means for obtaining it. The interests

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feathers. About 1 inch of this feathering is found suffi-

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pretty deeply thrust in, so as to pour the liquid into

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enced pain in his back, and inability to pass urine, though with no inconti-

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purpose, which would not have been necessary if the

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say, the sweepers were never ill, and were among the healthiest

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average. I have seen some of my patients a year or two

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I have had no time to enter into statistics on this

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days following the accident, on account of the swelling of the part, the large

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