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severe cases of enteric fever occur, and prove rapidly

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portray the state of ophthalmic science in Bengal, have

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puncture vesicles are full and their contents clear and

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motto that was so frequently applied to the Sanitary

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more serious. Four had vomited before the emetic was

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In dermatoses of the external meatus and concha there were 82 per cent, of

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India. Strychnine-poisoning in India is generally accidental,

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GussEROW thought that unusual mobility of the joints might exist giving

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the recurrent spasm is exhausting a feeble subject (and

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But as I have remarked, the directions about diet were

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ture birth ; the foetus bore no visible mark of infection, the skin was normal

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it may be taken as certain that those motions wdfich

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weUs. So far as the microbe ia concerned this is not

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apparently unpracticable by intralaryngeal procedure, tracheotomy was per-

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as individuals, will not rest until we see this country

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chief events of his convalescence being as follows : —

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theory. It appears that there must be in primiparae

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and Sternberg, which seem to disprove Dr. Freire's theory, and throw

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into the "flying" and "ordinary." The first was com-

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of-fact language of Bardeleben : " Owing to the im-

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fibrinous pellicle which somewhat, but not very closely, resembles the

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the point that it has some connection with deep mis-

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On all occasions every effort was made to cheer and

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poison has, as it were, its own role or specific use, and is

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may be present and yet not answer to the test ; it being combined with inor-

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make a thorough examination in every case before introducing the post-

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545-606) reports two cases; Heinze {Archives of Laryngology, June,

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case, and the patient suffers from frequent attacks of

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—Deducting ileiitlis under one year. * For 1S89-90.

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transparent, which can only occur if its attachment to

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blow on the head, and a puffy inflammatory swelling

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