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Arthrectomy, then, or partial excision, consists in the removal of all

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Klein, International Congress Hygiene, 1891, Vol. Ill, p. 145 etseq.

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ed upon the necessities of war. All the wounded like-

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1 8oci<t6 de Biologie, December, 1872. 2 SocifiW de Blologie, June, 1871.

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tem, of polluting, not only the soil and theatmo^phere around

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Series of sixty washings. — Complete cure. He has been able

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cutaneous nerves taken from the patches ; in one case all the signs of a de-

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the disease) when the thermometer was found to register

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minimum fatal dose of Indian opium, which is much less

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ground floors of their unventilated houses, and allow

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three pints of fluid were evacuated and the empty cyst,

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Heavy crops were soon raised, amounting in 1871-72 to

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and Warrington, this is due to nitrification brought

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mends that five minutes before the antipyrin is given, an injection of two

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symptoms which, if they occur together, furnish a diag-

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on the slightest appearance of blood as soon as the

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sale of certain of the poisons included in the Schedules

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experience. In the years 1885, 1886, and 1887 several

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and did not become relaxed during the operation. There was only slight

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soon appears on the surface of the ground, and when

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^rtsA. — In nine out of the fifty-three cases I have

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were probably inflicted trom behind. Facial paralysis

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senger boats: (1) District Magistrate, (2) Civil Burgeon, (3)

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the red brick floor, which it grooved deeply, and then

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chief and conflicting authorities in Assam were Giles and

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nose. The usual symptoms of fever are present, marked

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making it more volatile; the spirits of chloroform are added, in view of the

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tion. He agreed so far with Mr. Rudolf that for Indian waters

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perature indicating slight puerperal fever. Also the number of

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The average weight of the liver you will notice is a little

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of giving antiseptic douches inefficient because the fluid does not reach all

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In the lower part of the ileum and caecum, oii the other hand, as well as in

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of Carlsbad water are sodic sulphate, sodic carbonate

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