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to be diffused over the general arterial system, and the consequent

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stages of the disease only at times are there deep-

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(d) A very irritable bladder that refuses to retain

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it has been kept up by continuous calf-to-calf cultiva-

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sion upon rules for antisepsis for nurses, proposed by Winckel, expressed

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sional excess of mucus. The sudden development of the fluid tumor in

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against them was a punitive one. They had disagreed

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ed his coagulability and found it to be between 10 and

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extent from malarial fever during the preceding year

avodart 0.5 mg side effects bnf

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was pushed to stop this annoying reflex symptom, and

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gether, moaning, and evincing the utmost reluctance to

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wheat, and they use milk and milk products abundantly.

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This subject is of the greatest interest, for in these

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of associated muscles — labial (supplied by the facial nerve) and lingual

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portionate to that of the other ; (6) that where malaria

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water. In this atmosphere the patient remains as long as there is any inflam-

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which in cinchona-bark had not previously been sus-

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apportion blame to his neighbours, for the time may

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tomy for herniation of ovary through a foul abdominal

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Medical College Hospital. These three Hvers present-

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cussion " of the cord may be much more accurately diagnosed. Of a total of

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uations, and scrupulous care as to cleanliness and disinfection, and the

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them. In that year the Vaccination Department was reorganised,

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Much more dangerous they doubtless formerly were ; but, if they did not

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liver has attained a considerable size. To my knowledge,

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took ill and died in three days, having had, as described j

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of the researches tending to establish the specific theory of enteric

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use of eserine coUyria, and the subcutaneous injections

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complicated and unsatisfactory, and as at present used, of only

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failure of the tamponade with uncovered sponge. Michael recommends the

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the Europeans are a mystery to him ; to the fact that

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effect often, but never discovered it. Quinine has been

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