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are gone, shall speak in mine, and while [ am speaking, if

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finally adhesions form between the stapes and the niche of the oval window.

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narrow terraced fields, spreading down in green steps

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are liable to fits of ungovernable passion, are lazy, addicted

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to stagnation, and with it put a stop to all progress in

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do not lead me to suppose that this particular impair-

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have thus been effected, and every nation now acknow-

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than they were in 1870. In that year there were only

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not only lose the benefit which may be derived from our

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and far inland are now undergoing a process of adap-

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the everheated blood current and to the poisons circu-

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barracks. Could it be carried out on field service in McDermot

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which shall destroy the parasite. The fact is, that the only possible

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disappeared ; the femora had grown three cm. on the outer side, the form and

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Determann regards the modern Csesarean section as a direct rival to crani-

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1. Rhubarb {Rheum emodi) Chukri. — In the village

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not present any other evidences of disease. One day

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show a truly alarming increase in the crime of self-de-

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have not seen or heard of the disease in Lower Burma,

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is advised. The treatment of excreta and disinfection of specific evac-

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Extension of the head and neck is the only sure means of causing instant

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inflammatory lesions ; sometimes all of these together, and sometimes

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aflfecting the vasa-vasorum of the aorta would result in similar changes

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let appearing to cut clean through them ; the almost

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mercurial ointments, and iodine have "been tried, as

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necessity been limited and brief , and for this I offer my re-

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of a false membrane, which, on the one hand, seemed to be of a purely

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been supposed by some to be a variety of the leprosy of the Eas^.

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lung. This mode of progress of this form of aural disease, commensurate

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the thinl and fifth years, and nearly five times those

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most alarming symptoms I have ever seen after its use in large doses

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surface of the kidney, which extended through one-half the substance,

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On December 22, 1887, he returned to his medical attendant, com-

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