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brevity too much. Thus, the description of the recently discovered use

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cluded or even crossed. A corneal incision is, more-

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departments for diseases of the respiratory system.

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time it was decided to try sodium salicylate, under the influence of which the

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tion of the oesophagus of a woman forty-six years of age with epithelioma. The

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1893, page 115, he writes : " Madras town pursues the

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leads to stimulation and proliferation of the connective

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these three conditions can be obtained if a diagram be imagined in which

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mentioned, lay the broken remains of the four persons

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ber of Punjabi lepers flock into Kashmir during sum-

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to health were established, and the recognition of the

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and indigenous medicine, both mineral and vegetable,

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primary hysterorrhaphy, in four of w-hich there was an undoubted cure. He

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removed and the former opened from behind in the usual manner, the

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the pulmonary artery, which was supposed to be due to intra-uterine endo-

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had given the main points of the treatment of such cases, which

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liave thrown doubt on the bacteriological test for the

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" ammonia for the Jungs, potash for the kidneys, and

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Case 15. — The notes are mislaid ; they were taken

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change, as the peritoneal cavity is opened, owing to

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travelling allowance of the inspectors and sub-inspec-

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child had been arrested in the pelvis for some time.

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first attention of the physician, and novv-a-days, waited

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that eclampsia bacillus of Gerdes is not the cause of

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again efficiently very soon, but may at the same time

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balm bodies, or in fireworks ; and hence apothecaries, druggists,

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Sections stained in fuchsine, dehydrated in alcohol, and preserved in

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case was there general anasarca, and onl}' three of the cases died.

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deep location, is generally to be discovered only with

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character of the case, feeling convinced that, as I spoke,

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defile, the prevention of pollution, either directly by

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