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adults, the disease was nearly always modified by the

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cess that occurs more slowly by itself, for a month after

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pump water, which was the cause of a localised outbreak

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causes. It is well established that deviations of the septum occur in

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of sunlight aud to the oxidising and other processes

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towards the spring, the infection spread to the valleys

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nurse — an unscrupulous woman who was utterly unfit

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in the bazars in the Mofussil, is sophisticated with

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of strychnine with about 1^ chittacks of water at 9 A. M. on the

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liquor was no safeguard against its onset. Exclusive meat and

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bacillus are, on the whole, rather less convincing than the simple mor-

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constantly recurring hemorrhages from the ears and right nostril, and

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present, as occurs in some cases, it takes the form of

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often felt the need of a sanitary organisation. The district

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criminal, and on the other pass gradually into (6) the

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But these portions of the bone are affected in diflTerent degrees, just as

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steps to provide himself with satisfactory appliances

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matory reaction had occurred, or any ulceration ; four

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periment was fairly successfiil, and it is likely to be

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atypical course until the twenty-first day. At this date there was a rise in

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bably less sensitive than fish, and which, moreover, are

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honour afforded me, and, if I may be permitted to so

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marked symptoms due to a diflfuse or a localized neuritis : sensory,

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became thickly coated at an early stage and then dry

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arterial pressure, but has only slight diuretic action. The cases of aortic re-

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violently, as when a snake of fearful size, for example^

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biliary cirrhosis from other liver disease of a similar

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Medical Corps" of thirty surgeons to each State had to

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at the outset in experimenting with promising ones.

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ensue. From this may follow also the irritation which

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step. The knee-jerks were entirely absent. There appeared to be some

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