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maintained out of Imperial Funds ; but Bengal, North-
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appearance was the same in all cases, viz., a dry skin,
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first dorsal vertebral being invariably free from it.
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believes that in Alpine districts again it might occur at any time, while its
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of the pelvis under the same conditions. This will at the same time be
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the uppermost cell layers of the thic;kened stratum
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swelling a- ];irge as a cricket-ball, which occupied the
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so as to he thought a disease peculiar to them. In process of
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dition of the skin covering the lower jaw prevented the mouth from being
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thorax. On first examination the right side was enlarged, intercostal
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oped an umbilical hernia as large as two fists. This had been irreducible for
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needles, such as, madar, arsenic, mercuric chloride and
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being through the grated doors ; in addition, the bar-
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appearance of the face, with the absence of wrinkles and folds, give a
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Their one-roomed houses, say, 20 feet X 25 feet and
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I recollect Stromeyer, when he vi-ited Netley, describing
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of the disease apparently o^ Junctional origin, and belonging to the
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present, and the presence or absence ot anajiiiia was carefully
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ally to the good drinking water with which the prisoners
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Michaelis' that 8 lines (1.69 cm.) comes nearest the true average.
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be unfit for drinking ; at the same time, failure to
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avodart generic date type
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dered that the oxidation which the water had undergone
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AND Communicating Stages. — For the safety and convenience
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the first to suffer about 12 days after the return of
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marks on great toe, strychnia one-fifth was administered
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difficulties were attributable to want of fuel for cooking
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fer them to a particular passage in Dr. Simpson's paper as an
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of the adjacent tissues with streptococci. Cultures: A moderate num-
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India, therefore it is'the best in a cool climate. Nor, if
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and the establishment of a properly equipped laboratory
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provided there are no contra-indications, and I have
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stated ; a low bloodvessel vitality seems to be the immediate cause.

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