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problem. If some cassa of eclampsia occur, not preceded by
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It is imported from Lahaul and Tibet, and finds its way
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domeu, which bulges out, the superficial veins becoming
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during the last thirteen years. The Bengal Jails have
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yet, as the morphological examination does not suffice to identify the species, the observations serve as
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accepted by a number of other German authorities. Since Wendt's time. Dr.
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Sensation includes the sense of touch, of heat, cold,
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characteristic of Asiatic cholera is, I presume, well known.
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tious diseases, it will not be long before each of us, in
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poison of the cobra is the most deadly of all Indian
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of the disease apparently o^ Junctional origin, and belonging to the
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the umbilicus, sleeplessness, excessive diuresis and
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They secreted a copious, thick yellow mucus, w^hich hung from and
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organic acids. After combustion of the acid, the K.
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he thought himself well enough to play racquets, but in August
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lamellse of the spongy tissue were broken and the spaces were infiltrated with
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ture of the aorta without previous dilatation is of infrequent occurrence.
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for a fortnight. The first tubercle developed on the
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serous effusion with cerebral apoplexy (Case No. 34),
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cachexia, where the child shews also faint symptoms of
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the cutis complicated with great proliferation of epithe-
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with that painful choking which always occurs if the mask is abruptly placed
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Case V. — Clinical hldory : Female, two years and eight months. May
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plague, or a severe type of typhus fever highly conta-
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public health and the causes which influence it, and re-
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have seen no case where the destructive process extended
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epidemics occur at long intervals, a large amount of
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drum-head was not extensive, he preferred to use a saturated solution of boric
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and manufacturers are forbidden to sell arsenic preparations for

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