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experimented with in that direction, I venture to think

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less, which is a stone or more under his weight previous to his

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dairy, looked after by regimental orderlies ; and, should

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of the two peoples, or to the fact that, as in the cases

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though less deadly, causes also local death of the part,

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November 14, 1888) a case of extirpation of the spleen in a woman fifty-one

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of procidentia of the cervix, which protruded from the labia three inches,

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taken sufficiently into account, and it is a curious fact

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far as I could learn, though, of course, it was well

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terative and styptic. It has been used in dropsy and

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extended over the epiglottis, completely investing the larynx to below

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comparatively but seldom employed for other purposes.

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good, and in proportion to the perfection of the same.

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of earth, so as to divert the floods from the rice-fields

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CaSE No. IV. — Sukree, Hindu female, aged 17, admitteil into the

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accident was due to the Avouud becoming exposed on account

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Rs 15 000 to Rs. 30,000 yearly (exclusive of a drainage loan

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mother, an unmarried woman, delivered herself of the foetus in the night,

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urine has again become scanty. According to Jendrdssik {Deutsch.

avodart hair loss forum side effects

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the age of ten years who do not have a very fair know-

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Koch. But instances still ariae to question the wisdom of

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on the slightest appearance of blood as soon as the

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to a limited extent europhen, for which much is claimed,

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to the pain caused by the prick of the needle, but it

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impressions we have one and all acquired in the course

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In each case one hundred grains of the finely-pounded

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exist in the medical profession as elsewhere, and should

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ficates, thw accurate registr ition of the cause of death

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tively free from the disease. At this time the Altona

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ment of growth is often the effect of the disease. A very frequent situa-

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