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obstruct the free escape of discharge from the middle ear, as the powder

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forty years of age. He refers to similar cases reported later by Hack and by

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pneumonia in both posterior lower lobes. C jrtex of kidney thick and

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paper by Surgeon-Captain T. A. Perry Marsh, A.M.S.,

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J 893, shewing an increase of 38'58 per million. This

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1893-94 was -762 of a seer per mille, and in Jessore

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of symptoms referable to a distinctly circumscribed region which

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pollution takes place in the immediate neighbourhood),

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village watchmen it was 31'47 and 38'05, respectively.

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apparatus, or filter bed. This has been exhaustively

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Was it not probable that kala-azar is only ordinary malarial

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emotional changes do not bring them out, thus giving to the patient a

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successive outbreaks," and that between these two classes there are connect-

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earnestly insist upon is, that it be deliberately chosen beforehand, and

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Muzaffurpore, who operated successfully at the Govern-

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immediately took place, and the naso-pharynx was at

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Terai, where 1 came across the following striking in-

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notes of fifty-three of these, and to them my remarks

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to the specific poison of enteric fever, exposure to the

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hemorrhages, uremic convulsions, and foreign bodies in the air-passages

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Mammary glands are, as a rule, regular and symmetrically arranged

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skin of the belly and groins were normal, and the testicles themselves were

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of irrigated villages, but no re-alignment has taken

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Works on rhinology are but little more satisfactory, and to the recent

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resistance of the ligament is overcome by direct traction. This method

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brick-red rash on the back. The patient was the last

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respective values as febrifuges of the alkaloids which

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the inflammntion which must precede it. There is no

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is given annually by a selected medical officer in each

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and heal, and that a secondary and wholly intra-peritoneal gestation may

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