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The duration of time during which these cases were treated varied

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or properly develop. The joints, particularly those of

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sisting of 200 men of the l-5th Gurkhas and one section

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fevers are malarial, why are not continued fevers and

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times only been able to pass the tip of one finger be-

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part o£ the spinal cord when death took place in the early stage

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Another case is reported in detail in which a genuine syphilitic affection

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1 System of Midwifery, 3d Am. eJ., y. 386, 2 gci. and Art of Midwifery, p. 4(57.

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ture birth ; the foetus bore no visible mark of infection, the skin was normal

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residences for phthisical patients. The determining of

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situated on a higiier level opposite the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th lumbar

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severe cases acute or low delirium and typhose condition.

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minutes was completed without a sign of consciousness,

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sutured in three lines which almost closed the raw sur-

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the village sites all was clear, open rocky ground, around

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harmful ; we must be prepared to give reasons for our

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became violent and u.ncontroUable, and the effects were choleraic

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Strachey writes : " For about thirty years past there has

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Salicine. — These having failed, we have occasion to

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nauseous character. So poorly is the Indian physician

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ununited fracture were more successful in old septic days than now.

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and star-shaped cells, b, formation of mature connective tissue, c, o, c, blood corpuscles, d, accumu-

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In order to throw some light on this point, if possible,

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It is also not inconceivable that stimuli affecting the

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day after the incision was made, but the flow continued uninterruptedly

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spots were sometimes found usually in the neighbour-

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